Your License Plate is Your Permit

All students who live on campus who bring a car to campus will not receive a parking decal. However, you are still required to purchase a permit to park a vehicle on campus. The only change is that instead of having to display a physical permit on your vehicle, a “virtual permit” will be associated with the license plate entered on your account.  Your plate will now be your permit, so as always, it is important to ensure that you keep your account, specifically your vehicle license plate number, up to date at all times or you may be issued a parking citation.

How do I Link my Vehicle License Plate to my Parking Permit:

All on campu students who plan on bringing a car to campus can purchase their permit and access their parking account by going to Manage My Account at the top of the PATS website. Click “Get Permit” and this is where you will purchase your permit and link your vehicle’s license plate to the permit.

What if I Need to Update my Vehicle Information?

For any updates to your existing vehicle you may visit the PATS Office, email PATS ( or call the PATS Office at 864-656-2270. 

What if my vehicle has a temporary state-issued license plate?

For the vehicle information, for the state select the state that issued the temporary permit. For the license plate number, enter the alpha-numeric characters on plate excluding dashes "-" and spaces. After you receive your permanent state-issued license plate, you will need to email with the make, model, color and new license plate number. A customer service rep will update your vehicle's record and send you a confirmation when it has been updated. 

What if I do not have a State Issued License Plate on my Vehicle?

You can still purchase your permit. If you do not have a state issued license plate (i.e. a dealer plate) for your vehicle, for the State, select “Missing Plate/VIN”.  For the License Plate, enter the last 10 characters of your VIN number.  Next, you will be asked to enter your entire VIN#. When you receive your new license plate, you will need to contact Parking &Transportation Services to update your license plate.